What is web hosting? How does web hosting works?

Getting cheap web hosting is not a problem now. For some technologies you can get even free web hosting [terms and Conditions] apply. Hosting for PHP is cheap while ASP.Net hosting is expensive. Many web hosting companies are offering many kinds of packages. You need to choose the package which suites to your needs. You need to decided why you need web? what would be you doing from this web?. May be a free web hosting is not for you if you are not ready to show ad of hosting company. If you do not care about ads on your web site then free web hosting may be a best solution to for you.

You need to decide weather you are trying to host a large website or a small website? How many visitors are you expecting to visit your website every day? Will you need help in setting up the website hosting? These are questions you should ask yourself then choose a hosting company and its package. The fees for website hosting vary widely from company to company and some charge a lot if you go over limits specified in their account (such as bandwidth or disk storage), therefore it makes sense to find the best deal possible on website hosting to avoid potentially expensive overage fees in the future in case your website grows fast or starts getting many visitors. If you don’t know much about website hosting configuration, you might want to look for an individual or a company that will help you get setup.

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