What is e-commerce? Ecommerce is future

E-commerce is a re-known term now a day. Organisation are using e-commerce to earn more profit. Use of e-commerce is increased now a day in all kinds of business. Specailly airlines, warehousing and reatail businesses.

Can I use E-commerce?

If you want to run a business, a shop online then E-commerce is for you.

What I need for E-commerce?

It depends which type of setup you need for your business. If your organisation is collecting Credit, Debit cards information online and doing credibililty checks offline then you do not need any system which check validity of these cards online. It means you collects user Information online but process his/her Order offline using manual tools.

If you want to validate credit or debit card online then you need to find an organisation which provideds these kinds of services. For their services they charge you.

In any type of setup Website is required. Website should provide you email facility.

How much these companies charge?

All companies offer different packages. In some packages they will charge you per 1000 transaction and some other cases they charge you a percentage of per transaction. You need to choose a pakage which suits to you your needs

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