twitter bootstrap list of changes made from version 2 in version 3

I used twitter bootstrap in my websites and wanted to migrate from version 2 to version 3.
I had a CSS class “.hereo-unit” which is now called “.jumbotron”. Find a quick list of alternate classes in version 3 below.
Bootstrap 2.x Bootstrap 3.0
.container-fluid .container
.row-fluid .row
.span* .col-md-*
.offset* .col-md-offset-*
.brand .navbar-brand
.nav-collapse .navbar-collapse
.nav-toggle .navbar-toggle
.btn-navbar .navbar-btn
.hero-unit .jumbotron
.icon-* .glyphicon .glyphicon-*
.btn .btn .btn-default
.btn-mini .btn-xs
.btn-small .btn-sm
.btn-large .btn-lg
.visible-phone .visible-sm
.visible-tablet .visible-md
.visible-desktop .visible-lg
.hidden-phone .hidden-sm
.hidden-tablet .hidden-md
.hidden-desktop .hidden-lg
.input-small .input-sm
.input-large .input-lg
.checkbox.inline .radio.inline .checkbox-inline .radio-inline
.input-prepend .input-append .input-group
.add-on .input-group-addon
.thumbnail .img-thumbnail
ul.unstyled .list-unstyled
ul.inline .list-inline

For complete list of migration visit  this link

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