Validation of web site address on server side using c-sharp and Regular expression

Validating web site address at server side in using c-sharp. A detail web site address  validation method where Regular expression is being used for a baisc web addrss validation, then web address is being splitted by dot and forward slash to check if it contains http: and if its defined more than once in […]

Modal Popup Extender, AJAX Tool Kit, Validation Controls ASP.NET

I am using Modal popup Extender in my project which after click save button appears and takes Reason for doing that action as an input. I am using a text box labelling Reason for change; if that box is empty I am telling my transaction to roll back. So to make changes appear in database […], programming

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Reqular experssion RegEx, C# , ,

Regular expression: Regular Expression is a great way to manipulate strings for example matching, finding, validating Data, Specailly string manipulaion becames handy while we use reqular expression. We can use Regular expression on both Serer and client side. We do use it with validation controls. Charcther matching: . ^ $ * + ? { […]

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User control in + java script + validation

I created a user control for Countries using Microsoft Visual sutdio. I populated a dropdownlist ( Server Side ) using database and then I called this countrol in one of my web form. I wanted to validate this User control but it was not validating when I used “MyControl1.ClientID”  instead of this when i Use Asp.Net generated ID it […]