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Update table column from another table column + SQL

Note : T=Table, C=Column, C2 for T1 and T2 got same values.  I want to update T1.C1 values from T2.C1. What would be the SQL Query. update T1 set T1.C1=T2.C1 from T2inner join T1 on T2.C2=T1.C2 Above sql query will update all values from table 2 column 1 to table 1 column1 where table1 and table2 […]


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Some information about databases

Database is a set of rows and columns. We use database to store information in it and we can retrieve that information on demand. To manipulate database we use SQL (Structured Query Language.) There are many database or DBMS (Database Management System) are available few re-known are Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Sybase etc. Which database […]