Some help for new starter in web field.

If you site is hosted on Apache web server then for you it would be better to develop site in HTML or PHP.
Or combination of both.
If you have got MySql server with your hosting then go to and download there system you do not need to build site. Every thing is developed then you can download themes there are 1000s of themes available with all colours, columns, back grounds you just need to upload them to your web hosting server.

You can upload using Ftp client like filezilla its free also you can search for otehr ftp clients on net which are free, also if you are using windows then you can type ftp address in my computer’s address bar it will prompt you for user name and password , provide user name and password and you are ready to put files on yor web site.

Your landing page that is home page should be index.html , default.html OR index.php , default.php.
This is firs page which people will see when they type your website address in their web browsers.

Hope you got some idea and you can start your web site.

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