Skype + three = Savings

A part of my family lives in Asia while I am living in United Kingdom. I am a customer of Three (3) mobile phone services provider. Recently I updated my contract with three and I got Nokia 6120.

Nokia 6120 Mix & Match 1100

My wife’s family also lives in Asia. My parents and my wife’s family we all talk on phone at least 2 hour daily during weak days and 8-10 hours on week ends .To save phone bill we Sometimes used other services like MSN Messenger, Skype Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. My mother was not happy these services though my siblings were happy using these service.

When I upgraded my contract I got Brand new Nokia 6120 it was equipped with skype, msn messenger and other services. We tried Skype my brother used his laptop computer to call me on my Skype ID and I received that call on my mobile and we spoke for 01:01:12 i.e one hour, one minue and 12 seconds. Quality of voice was so great that mother says she will use Skpe onwards to speak with us. Saving 🙂 there is no phone bill as I am receiving calls on Skype for free and my family was already paying for their Internet broad band services and they are using Skype for free. Great!!!!!!!!! isn’t it and i am not bound to sit in front of computer I can receive Skpe calls on the go using 3 phone. Do not wait act as soon as you can and Start saving today.
3 Skype phone Mix & Match 100

I can not call from my phone to other Skype to do that I’ve to buy services from three and they are v cheap you can buy 4000 Skype to Skype minutes less than £5. You can visit following link to find out more.

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