Research before buying on eBay or Amazon

Are you bidding on an item on eBay Or buying it from buy now button?

Have you done your price research?

If not then better do some google search. Do not blindly bid or buy from eBay or Amazon. Why?

I can give you an example of Samsung Note 8 phone. Official  Samsung Note 8 price  is £869.00 while on ebay people are asking for £1119.00.

If you are buying any item from eBay which is near to official announced price  of the item. Reconsider your decision, you might be wasting your money.

If you do not like item then you have to pay return postage fees which is definitely a loss.

If I am not getting an item on ebay less than 15% to 20% of its official announced price I will not buy it.

I will go and buy from the companies official website Or Authorized retailers which will give me warranties and peace of mind.



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