Publishing or hosting mvc NOPCommerce website first time

No doubt nopCommerce team are doing a great job. I heard about NopCommerce from one of my friend who is working for some company as free lancer. I started google about nopCommerce and found good reviews and comments.
I decided to exploer Nopcommerce.

downloaded nopCommerce version 2.6 form the website .

I manage to built and run the system on my local computer but found little difficult to publish the website specially I had issues with admin section.

If you are new to nopCommerce may following steps help out you to the speed.

After download if you will unzip in the same folder “nopCommerce_2.60_Source” .

Do not publish website using VS2010 as it will not publish Admin website . Instead use Prepare.bat and Deploy.bat

1) You will find Prepare.bat  file double click it and let it finish its job

2) Double click on the file Deploy.bat and let it work, after it finishes its job it will create all necessary files in the folder “nopCommerce_2.60_Source\Deployable\nop_2.60”. Now upload all files and folders using your ftp account to your web host server.

If you had issues with admin section as i was getting logged out when ever i as trying to insert or edit or save something in admin pages. I found in google that I need to insert machine key in web.cnfig. I added one and it resolved the log out issue.

You may need to use the url  “” to access the admin section in v2.6. In my case I can only access admin pages using “”


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  1. gopinath says:

    Ur suggestion is very much useful for me…I am exactly suffered due to this same problem..

    Thanks alot…

  2. Fantastic!! Awesome website.

  3. Great site….Outstanding post. Love it.I recommend it to ALL my friends.