Regular expression for UK-Mobile numbers with optional country code and spaces in number

Recently I was given a problem that UK Mobile phone numbers with spaces in the number are not being accepted by application as its convenient to write numbers like (+44 0791 452 1234 OR “0791 452 1234″) instead  (+447914521234  OR  07914521234) (dummy number used for illustration purpose only). UK mobile numbers are of 11 digit […]

pdf import extension for open office

I was struggling to download pdf extension for open office and did some google searches  all blogs and articles were taking me to but at this address it says “problem loading page” so i was unable to down load the pdf extension luckily i found following URL where  from I was able to download […]




Using MySql as Linked Server in Sql Server 2008

Using MySql as Linked Server in Sql Server 2008 Recently I was given an assignment to create some Reports using SSRS. They system were in use was osTicket (its an open source php, mysql) ticket management system. I decided to use SQL server linked server object.  By doing this I can easily query and write […]

What is chatroulette ?

What is chatroulette ? Word “rou – lette” [roo-let] Show IPA noun, verb, -let·ted, -let·ting. What is Roulette? Roulette is a  game of chance played at a table marked off with numbers from 1 to 36, one or two zeros, and several other sections affording the players a variety of betting opportunities, and having in […]

How to generate XML website map for free using IIS

How to generate XML website map for free using IIS If you want to create a sitemap for your website, it’s very very easy and free of cost. You can do it in your own time at your own computer. So as it’s on your computer its your property and you can play with it […]

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ASP.NET MVC EditorFor css Solution

A Quick solution when trying to format a textbox with CSS, and currency format is a bit tricky in ASP.NET MVC You can’t put CSS on a Html.EditorFor like you can on a TextBoxFor like so <%= Html.TextBoxFor(x => x.CostPrice, new { @class = “textShort”, maxlength = “50″ })%> And you cant put a tag […]




Walkthrough – Installing an Autonomy Idol Server copy from binary backup on to your local machine

First Install Idol Server from the installation package: Go through the wizard and install IDOL ensure you have license file, and specify install folder right at the start of the wizard. is working. Run Get this error: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> – <autnresponse xmlns:autn=””> <action>LICENSEINFO</action> <response>ERROR</response> – <responsedata> – <error> <errorid>IDOLPROXYLICENSEINFO1</errorid> <rawerrorid>0×1</rawerrorid> <errorstring>ERROR</errorstring> […]

debugging website hosted on IIS web server from visual studio

Often you want to debug a website hosted in IIS from your visal studio. Requirement: Visual Studio, Website (you want to debug) must have the same source code. Now web browser (Internet explorer, Firefox , Google chrome etc) type the URL of your website hosted in IIS (Internet Infomration Server). Open the Source code in […]

select XML data from parent child tables sql server 2008

Recently I was working on to create XML menu from SQL table. We have two tables one table is NavigationSystem and second table is Navigation Item. Following was required to show Parent Child relation ship.   <Navigation> <NavigationSystem> <systemid>1</systemid> <Title>Top Menu</Title> <Items> <Item> <systemid>1</systemid> <ItemId>1</ItemId> <label>Home</label> <Url></Url> </Item> <Item> <systemid>1</systemid> <ItemId>2</ItemId> <label>Database</label> <Url></Url> </Item> </Items […]

Running website through Visual Studio – Page Not Found error

The other day I copied a working website solution onto a different machine and attempted to compile and run it in debug mode. It compiled fine and started to run, the browser attempted to load the page up in debug mode running of a port (as is normal), but then I got a Page Not […]