Online Paid surveys scams

There are many sites which offers you to join their paid surveys.

Most of them will tell you “Work from home” , “No Experience required”, “Extra cash”,  “Eran $$$$$$$s, ££££££s”.

These all seems appealing, Some of them are free,. If those are free joining them to test their offers.

If you are thinking to join a web site which charge you for registration “be careful“.  Chances are you will be losing your money I’ve lost mine, on some sites.

You will join them and they will ask you to motivate other people to join this site and you will get share for that. Its a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) technique.

I work for a company as a web developer, company is running a social network site, a job site. Whenever we launch new version of product we call people inhouse to get their opinion.


1. Many sites will offer you points, to use or to comment on their products

2. Sites will give you instant survey of half the amount and then they will ask you to wait for other surveys or refer others to site and get 1$ for each referral. this is to increase traffic on their site. for example they will tell you that you can redeem your money when total will be 100$ and they will give you instant survey of 50$. To earn other 50% you have to wait for ages.

3. Nothing comes free. they will ask you to pay money to get know how you can earn cash online.

Guys be careful, be careful, be careful

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