My first day to start Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with MSpec and MVC.

My first day to start Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with MSpec.
After discussion within development we decided to go for Machine.Specifications (or MSpec for short)
I used NuGet Package to install MSpec and I searched with word mspec but found nothing then searched with word Machine and found the mspec package (Machine.Specifications). I installed it.


After googling it I found few pages to start,

Also I have insttalled Machine.Specifications.Mvc from NuGet.

Also to see visually if Mspec Tests are passing or failing I found a pluging MSpec Test Adapter (Beta 1), which is showing me if my tests are passing or failing.
You can find detailed description about plugin at

“The MSpec Visual Studio Test Adapter integrates with the Visual Studio 11 Unit Test Window allowing discovery and execution of MSpec specifications from within Visual Studio 2012. When using Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (recommended) grouping by classname and MSpec subject is possible.
The latest version is 0.1.0 (Beta 1) built against the 0.5.10 version of Machine.Specifications and tested against assemblies built against versions 0.5.0 and above (.NET 4.0 and 4.5 only, other versions still to be confirmed)”

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