Free phones

Sony Ericsson X10 and ZTE F107

3 are proud to announce the launch of two new handsets, from today Thursday the 1st of April the Sony Ericsson X10 and ZTE F107 will be available on our site. The lead tariff for the X10 will be the £35 internet texter, and will be available across a wide range of tariffs, the ZTE F107 is available on PAYG from the great price of £29.99. Key features are as follows:- Sony Ericsson X10:- •Large 4”touch screen •GPS •WiFi •8.1 Mega Pixel Auto Focus Camera •Up to 1GB Memory •Facebook application which offers a great user experience, view live feeds, comment, poke, upload photo’s and synchronise contacts •Spotify application with access to millions of tracks •Myspace application •3.5mm audio jack to listen to music. •Customizable home screen –personalise with online weather, clock, alarm, music player and Spotify with TimeScape •Access to an application store via Android Market with over 20 thousand downloadable applications. ZTE F107:- •2MP camera •2.0”QVGA display •Internet browser •Skype (free calls) & WLM •Music player •Video recording & play •Bluetooth

AMAZING CONSUMER OFFER – 15GB Mobile Broadband Price Halved!

3 are very pleased to announce a very special consumer offer that will see our best broadband product – 15GB Mobile Broadband – slashed by an incredible 50%! Consumers will shortly be able to purchase 15GB of data allowance for the same price as 5GB on a 24-month contract when they buy online. That’s 5 times the amount of our competitors at £15 a month. 3 has created this proposition to address consumer fears over out of bundle charges, giving real peace of mind. 97% of users do not use outside of 15GB a month so there’ll be no nasty surprises. Here’s what 15GB a month gets you:

  • 60,000 emails (2,000 a day!)OR
  • 600 hours browsing (20 hours a day!) OR
  • Listen to 1920 4 min music tracks online
  • THIS IS A LIMITED OPPORTUNITY TO CASH IN ON AN INDUSTRY LEADING PROPOSITION – PLEASE ACT FAST. [The reduced pricing is not available on Laptop Bundles OR Existing Customer Promotions. Free iPod Shuffle promotion is excluded from 24-month 15GB offering] MBB_15GB_for_£15_24m_at 3mobile

    INQ1 Black £15 per Month, Free 3 to 3 calls at 3Mo
    MBB_15GB_for_£15_24m_at 3mobile Best vaule_MM100_18m_at 3 Mobile
    Nokia N96 on Mix & Match 300 at 3 Mobile

    Nokia E63

    Today we have the launch of another Fantastic handset the Nokia E63.The Nokia E63 is a professional Messaging and Internet device along with many more attributes and available on “PRE ORDER” at an exceptionally low price range for such a high class handset. We believe this to be best suited for individuals whom are always on the go and have to integrate their vocational lifestyle in with their personal life, due to the key integrated features mentioned earlier and the following:

    • You will have pre loaded E-mail on 3
    • Along with pre loaded Skype
    • You can also link up to Facebook

    The Nokia E63 also has personal features such as:

    We currently have the Nokia E63 available in Blue and will have Black available for the beginning of May.

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