Microsoft office Sharepoint server, Virtual hard disk

I Installed MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) virtual hard drive which can be found here

To use virtual hard disk I installed Microsoft Virtual Server. I was trying to access the Virtual hard disk using virtual server and was using the user name “Administrator” with Password “pass@word1” which is provided by Microsoft documentation.

I installed all above on my person laptop to explore the MOSS. My Laptop keyboard is UK(English) while the Virtual server installed was using US(English) keyboard.

“@” is on different keys in both UK and US (English) based keybaords.  I tried to loginto MOSS virtual hard disk more then 15 times and was unbale to  log into the virtual server then I started looking for solution over the Internet. I visited many sites but was unable to find the solution but I didn’t give up.

I started reading user comments for all Posts over the internet and I found one line which stating the “@” problem and finally I managed to log into the virtual hard drive.


If you are not using US(English) keyboard and you download any software from Microsoft site try to use US(English) Keyboard.

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  1. Naveed says:

    I was facing same problem.
    thanks for solution