Ionic is not recognized as internal or external command

Ionic framework rocks, I am new to it and it’s fun.

I am working with VS 2015 community version to make my First mobile App.
I started with Ionic 2 beta version but as Ionic team are releasing new version I am following them.
They changed project structure in RC version of ionic 2 framework.
In R.C of ionic 2 framework, Ionic Scripts are key. We need to have latest version of these scripts in our dev environment.

I deleted my existing project and started a new project, before deleting my project I took back of my one folder and that was “src” folder.

Created new project in VS 2015 and pasted my back up folder of src and bingo.

To build my app and to install latest version of scripts and dependencies I used V.S. code (Visual Studio code) which I believe is best.
I am trying to move away from VS 2015 and using VS Code as much as I could for my mobile App development.

With my project I installed ionic framework using command line of VS Code

npm install -g cordova ionic

As I already have Node.js installed,

I typed

"ionic serve" 

to run my project in browser but it didn’t work.

It gave me message “ionic” is not recognised as internal or external command….

I started googling, many people were facing same issue as mine and there were many solutions to them.
I started trying all solutions 1 by 1 but none of them worked for me.
Then I started using my brain instead of Google. Realized that ionic scripts may be the missing link. I installed them using following command

npm install @ionic/app-scripts@latest --save-dev


ionic serve

on command prompt. You know what, My App started and worked …

So Ionic Script is the key with Ionic Framework 2.

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