Ionic 2 Cr + angular 2 + type script VS Code to Visual studio 2015 Apache cordova

Recently I started to work on my app. Being use to of Visual studio 2015 I found Ionic 2 beta templates. Downloaded, installed, Ran project. It ran like a charm.

These templates  installed beta.10 version of ionic. In RC version of Ionic project structure has been changed massively. I tried to update my project but there was no success.

Then I started googling around.

Found my steps.

To start with latest version of Ionic project I found best place is ionic conference app on GitHub. Download app and then open this app in VS Code not in Visual studio. To open in visual studio choose option of open folder it will load all files in folder.  Follow instructions in

Getting Started

  • Clone this repository.
  • Want to use TypeScript? Both the master branch and the typescript branch now use TypeScript.
  • Run npm install from the project root. [This needs to be done via command window] **
  • Install the ionic CLI (npm install -g ionic)
  • Run ionic serve in a terminal from the project root.

**To get terminal window in VS Code use Ctrl+’ i.e keep holding Ctrl key then press plus sign and then press apostrophe, this command you will find in VS code page also.

ionic serve will launch project by default for me it was Microsoft edge but app was not showing up, then i copied same URL in Chrome … boom , all worked.


To move this app in VS 2015, Create a blank project of Apache Cordova and then copy your folder where you have done all above exercise to this folder where you have created blank Apache Cordova. You can now run this project from VS 2015



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