I want to add / share my post to social networks + wordpress

If you run your blog site using WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and you want to give your readers facility to add or share their/your post to other social networks then you need to add a Plugin. I am using Sociabel plugin with WordPress version 2.5.1. I am using default theme of WordPress. When I Installed this plugin I didn’t find it very quickly .

You know how to acitvate plugin. In New version of word press you will find three links Settings, Plugins, Users on the right hand side of the page. To activate sociable plugin click on Plugins and then activate it.

To change the setting or to see the Option of Sociable Click on Settings.

You will see a bar of sub-menus in that sub-menus bar you need to check word “Sociable“, When you will click on Sociable it will take you to the settings of it. Thats it.

I tried to upload image of this area but wordpress is giving me error “Http error” and its not allowing me to upload image.

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