I consider flight catchers are flight cheaters

I consider flightcathers as flight cheaters.  I booked a return ticket with them from London Heathrow  to Karachi. They sent me an email with booking and requested the confirmation via email.

I confirmed the booking but when they issued ticket they put me on Gatwick instead of Heathrow airport.

I started chasing them on the phone to re-issue the ticked with correct airports.

The customer service people started doing the tricks and they started keeping me on hold for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes call was dropping.

If they attend the call they  asked who issued the ticket, who made the booking and tell me to hold the phone and then after few minutes they told the person is not on desk please leave the phone number and we will contact you back.

Waited for a day and called them again they told me that person you booked with has left the company.

After a week they agreed to correct the tickets and asked me to send the proof of booking which I sent them and finally they sent me an other ticket which was showing LHR, I was happy that they have corrected my ticket.

My all happiness turned into pain on my way back,  when I was checking in for my flight from Karachi airport  I was told  that my booking is not validated and in their (emirates) system its still showing Gatwick. and I have to pay 75/- pounds to change the date while on my ticket it was showing London Heatrhow. I kept insisting  that my booking is correct they showed me the print out from their computers which was showing London Gatwick as my destination airport.

They asked me to pay 75/- pound to change the date or go back. I paid them and traveled.

I will not book with them and  suggest you not to book with them, please read reviews on other websites (http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews182438.html)  before you book.

I did mistake not to read reviews before booking with them.

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11 Responses to “I consider flight catchers are flight cheaters”

  1. another victim says:

    I bought a ticket 4 days ago and have been calling them for the past 2 days and always get the same answers: you will get your eticket in 1hour or we will call you back in 15min. Neither have happened, I still don’t have my eticket, they now know all the numbers I call from and my name and just keep saying the person responsible is not available. I went to the physical address that shows on their website but it is just an accounting firm that takes care of the accounting for flightcatchers and they cant do anything. I am desperate, dont know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, the ticket is for a trip next week. Dont want to buy another ticket and lose the money from this ticket and on top of that the ticket prices have gone up already. DONT USE FLIGHTCATCHERS or anything related with POLANI TRAVEL company or you will lose your money

    • Abdullah says:

      DO NOT BUY from flightcatchers!!! They are very keen to take your money but if you have any issues which they themselves caused! you are on your on!! they lie lie and then lie some more…even the manager!!

      My first card payment failed according to them but my bank still charged me! so they asked me to pay again reassuring me the first payment has been refunded (£640) and they would not charge me twice…surprise surprise!! they did charge me twice! so i was pocket..when i called them the guy who was pretending to be so friendly before,simply didn’t want to know!!! like i was being a nuseance! i was on the phone all afternoon, all i needed was a fax from them to send to my bank confirming the first transaction had been cancelled…but no way hosay, thier attitude was so bad..its like we got your money now sod off!, manager keeps lying and breaking promises and about sending me the cancellation fax so i could get my money from bank, i had to suffer for 2 weeks before my bank finally returned the money becaue polani travel would not co-operate, why do we Asians all lie…and don’t consider cheating as anything wrong when it comes to business????? such a shame…

    • Dissatisfied says:

      Do not use Flightcatchers
      Flightcatchers were the agents used for flights for my two sons to Koh Samui at Christmas 2010, who were due to join us for the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, because of the adverse weather at Heathrow their flight was cancelled. Since then we have been trying to obtain the refund we are entitled to under European legislation. Thai Airways have agreed the refunds and have even contacted Flightctachers, but Thai cannot deal with me direct as the flights were booked through this hopeless organisation. They either never respond to our requests, or just send mails to try and keep us at bay without doing anything. Please make sure you go to agencies which give you the right level of protection and do not make the mistake that we have made

  2. irena says:

    I wanted to share my Worst Customer Experience Ever! If you can Stay Away from Polani Travel and Flight Catchers!

    Polani travel and all associated companies (flight catchers to say!) are absolute fraud, dishonest and nightmare! I am dealing with them currently. They charged £1159 to my American Express card, allowing me to pay online for the tickets that I wanted to book, yet ‘forgot’ to update their website and mention, that they DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS anymore! As a result I have £1159 pending from my credit card (the credit card is authorised automatically), but have no tickets! As a result, the amount of £1159 went through processing with my credit card company, yet I was informed by Polani Travel/Flight Catchers, that they cannot issue me tickets, as the transaction ‘hasn’t been authorised’.
    I have no tickets, yet the amount of £1159, which they allow to go through processing via online transaction has been charged to my credit card.
    Because they don’t accept AMEX, but accepted it as an online method of payment, the transaction was automatically triggered to be processed. I tried whole day to get through to them and get their confirmation, that they will abort (void) the process. Many times the rude staff put the phone down on me or lied, that there is no manager I can speak to.
    The staff also refused to give their names.
    Tried again the next day (today) to get through to their accounts/refunds department, their staff is rude, lying and incompetent and there is no interest on their side to help you! They put the phone down on you as soon as you want to speak with manager. I called at 4PM and was informed that ‘ all accounts and reservation department has left for the day’…. When asked about their working hours, I was informed that apparently they work until 6PM (sic!)…
    Nobody will put you through the manager!
    Nobody will resolve the issue!
    They take your money and that’s where the so-called ‘Customer Service’ ends!
    When asked about head office address (just to verify, as I already found it on the internet), and told them I will send a complaint letter, the person on the other side of the phone laughed to my face.

    I still don’t know if they aborted the transaction.

    Completely dreadful experience. Please pay a few pounds extra and book directly with airline, what you ‘save’ is not worth the experience! I am fighting to get my money back and have no tickets! The e-mail addresses to various departments on Polani Travel website and Flight Catchers website are all either non-existent or wrong, as all e-mails bounced back to me!

  3. Naveed says:

    Irena, contact American express and tell them the details.
    Also speak to consumer direct they will help you and let you know how to take your money back. Their website is http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/

    For sure Polani Travels / Flight catcher are rubbish when come to customer services. Avoid them as much as you can.

  4. Ken says:

    I have spent the whole day trying to sort this out i made a booking and paid for it through Flightcatchers.com for myself my wife and daughter for a flight to Malaysia in October and was sent a confirmation.

    After 48 hours when i did not receive my e-ticket i contacted them as requested on there email to be told that they would not be sending it unless i paid almost another £100 for each passenger they said that the tax had gone up since i booked & Malaysian Airlines was asking for more money and they would only send it when the balance was paid which obviously i refused to do and told them we had a contract and unless they could get me another direct flight at the same price i would not accept it.

    I also called Malaysia Airlines who denied they had asked them for more money for my fare and told me that they never ask the customer for more once the fare had been paid and that although my fare was still live they had not received payment and it was due to expire at 4pm The next day.

    I called Flightcatchers back a number of times only to be told they would get back to me and never did eventually they wanted to refund my money back onto the credit card which i refused to accept and told them i wanted my e-ticket that i had paid for and if they refunded it back it would be their decision and i would be suing them for any loss on my part for rebooking a similar flight but i felt they were not really interested in anything i had to say so now i am going to let the court sort it out.

    ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS COMPANY READ THIS: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/bargains-and-rip-offs/ask-an-expert/article.html?in_article_id=511239&in_page_id=513

  5. nabeel says:


    appauling experience. I booked and paid for a ticket with this company, but they forgot to issue it. I only realised this when i contacted the airline directly. They refused to put me on the flight i had already paid for as the booking class had changed

    I was on the phone for hours before i could speak with someone who could answer anything and the response was..”we cannot do anything, you’ll have to pay the difference”

    really bad..dont take the risk with this company

  6. ZAINIQUA says:

    Do not book with FLIGHT CATHCHERS!!!!

    I had a flight booked from feb and in june when tickets were to be sent i didn’t receive them . When I called I was told I didn’t have any flight it had been cancelled with no full explanation why. I was sent a confirmation email with all virgin details from Feb so I was horrified with this news.

    No customer service and was horrified to find out that there call centre is in India which is not stated on their web site. They told me there was nothing they could do. no allternative flight and there were no affordable flights at this late stage. They agreed to book another flight I found it was more money but they paid the deposit and said when I received the refund I should pay for the flight and the outstanding balance they would cover it but when I received my refund they refused to pay the outstanding balance and said that if I cancelled they will take the 300 that they paid from my account. They wanted me to pay the deference which was totally unacceptable as this was there mistake not mine. Had to re-book holiday else where cost me a lot more at this late stage and also lost out on pre booked hotel plus could only go for 2 weeks not 3 as flight prices were not affordable at that late stage.

    I also had to change account details and card as they tried to attempt fraud!!!

    Dont go near this company they are a waste of time and not professional !!!

  7. Mark Tyson says:

    This is a very disorganised company who want to charge excessively for small changes, The customer service is diabolical to say the least. you will be lucky to speak to the same agent twice! and the manager is always on leave or in a ‘meeting’.

  8. Rachael Estronza says:

    It’s arduous to find educated individuals on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  9. umair says:

    i booked a flight with them…..i haven’t found any difficulties and the service were outstanding… i always deal with them and refer every of my relatives and friends to them..the agent i book my flight’s is very good at customer service and always provides me with cheap options. i would also refer you all to book with him. His name is Adeel you can simply call and ask for him, he is available on ext. (526)….