How to generate XML website map for free using IIS

How to generate XML website map for free using IIS

If you want to create a sitemap for your website, it’s very very easy and free of cost.
You can do it in your own time at your own computer.
So as it’s on your computer its your property and you can play with it as you like.

Whats’ Requried.

Search Engine Optimization Toolkit which you can download from

There is a video to watch, I will recommend you to watch that video on the page for which link is provided above.

As it states at the bottom  on the page”  under the heading      “Sitemap and Sitemap Index Features“.

  •    Display of sitemaps and sitemap index files in a simple user interface
  •   Support for grouping and sorting
  •    Ability to add/edit/remove sitemap and sitemap index files
  •     Ability to add new URL’s to sitemap and sitemap index files using a physical or logical view of your Web site
  •     Ability to register a sitemap or sitemap index into the robots exclusion file

   There may be many free services and websites are available which are offering this service but working from your own computer ia a pleaseure. Their services are limited as they are free.

Remember :  You can not create sitemap for a website which is already hosted on a remote server or hosting provided company with this SEO toolkit

Trick here is

You host your website on your computer on to your local IIS and generate sitemap locally and then change the domain name and upload your sitemap to your remotely hosted website

For example:
at your local computer you may have an address like
you just need to replace
http://localhost:1220 with your domain name

All URL provided here are for illustration purpose so please use proper URLs

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