How i am using My Laptop Screen to play WII console Games

How i am using My Laptop Screen to play  WII console Games.

I do not have TV at home. I use laptop and like to browse Internet for hours.
I  do visit youtube to watch some clips.I decided to buy WII console as there was
an offer of 30% discount from I order by Nintendo
WII Console plus WII Sports  pack, actual cost was £179.0 and I got it delivered under
£127.00. As I told you I do not have TV so Started thinking how to play WII on my laptop screen.
I searched over internet and found that I need a TV tuner card. Thou I knew TV Tuner card is required
to play TV but I was looking something which help me to play WII.
I search on ebay and got found one made by AVer media (Aver media tv usb 2.0 plus ), though its not a latest
card form AVer media but it did job for me. I installed Aver media TV Tuner card and then put Yellow, white and Red cables
in it and it started working for me.  SO I started playing game.

What you required to achieve above is

Laptop with the configuration which is supported by TV Card
TV Tuner card  and
Nintendo WII

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