debugging website hosted on IIS web server from visual studio

Often you want to debug a website hosted in IIS from your visal studio.

Requirement: Visual Studio, Website (you want to debug) must have the same source code.

Now web browser (Internet explorer, Firefox , Google chrome etc) type the URL of your website hosted in IIS (Internet Infomration Server).

Open the Source code in visual studio.

Goto Debug Menu Select —> Attach to process

Processess window will appear from there look for your broswer process ( it will be showing the title of your page ) under Title column of the processes window select the process and then look for the  “w3wp.exe” process by pressing Ctrl keyon your keyboard select “w3wp.exe” process.

It means you have selected two processes. 1st process where your IIS hosted website is running in web browser and 2nd “w3wp.exe” process.

Now click on Attach button on the processes windw and start debugging your website hosted in IIS. Set break points where you need them.



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