6 Tips on how to boost Autonomy Indexing Speed

Autonomy is great for increasing performance on queries, but you may find it takes time to Index Data into Autonomy, below I share some tips on how to increase the performance of Autonomy Indexing.

6 Tips on how to increase Autonomy Indexing Speed

1. Setup IDOL and Connectors on 2 different boxes this should increase performance.

2. Increase BatchSize parameter on the connector

3. Increase IndexCacheMaxSize on IDOL

4. Split up your connector jobs into several smaller jobs.

5. Check that your connectors are responding quickly, often the Autonomy indexing (import into Autonomy) is not where the slow down occurs.

6. Finally try reduce the level of logging on all servers configs especially Connectors:

LogLevel=FULL <–this is very costly try using a quicker logging level

Different types of Log Level:

Always -> Basic processes are logged. Note that this produces only minimal logging and no errors are logged.
Error -> Errors are logged.
Warning -> Errors and warnings are logged.
Normal -> Errors, warnings and basic processes are logged.
Full -> Every occurrence is logged. Note that this is very time consuming!

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